About cryptonize.it

Cryptonize.it is inspired by and dedicated to the need of Bitcoin Cash supporters to have a means of spending bitcoin cash on anything they like. Nothing makes a BCH holder happier than spending it because that’s what a true P2P electronic cash system is meant to be used for; paying for stuff, anything, anywhere, anytime. Vendors offer their products on cryptonize.it without any risk of volatility or need for additional business processes. Learn more.

Order anything

You can order anything at any online retailer and pay with Bitcoin Cash by using cryptonize.it Just copy the direct links of the products you would like, fill in the delivery date and address and pay the payment request in Bitcoin Cash. Learn more.

CashPay wallet

To store your Bitcoin Cash safely and use it to pay for products and services, you’ll need a reliable wallet! CashPay is a Bitcoin Cash exclusive wallet that puts you in control of your money and has awesome integration’s with other services. Learn more.


Help us make Bitcoin cash again! Currently, there are no open positions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

Do I pay any fee to cryptonize.it?

Cryptonize.it does not charge any fee on use the ‘ Order Anything ‘ service. 

Does cryptonize.it ship my products?

When using our ‘Order Anything’ service, you’ll provide us with direct links to the online shop where you want us to order the products. After sending you a payment request in BCH, we will order the products at the online shop and let them deliver it straight to you. If you order directly through us, we will dropship the products directly to you.

How long will delivery take?

Gift cards are delivered instantly while physical products have an average delivery of 5 days.

Where does cryptonize.it get the gift cards from?

We order the gift cards directly from the issuer or in some cases from an official reseller of the gift card.

Can I apply as a merchant and sell my products?

Currently, we only list products directly because of high demand. This makes it possible to pay directly with BCH and shortens the processing time. If you are interested in listing your products on cryptinze.it please contact merchant@cryptonize.it

Can I pay my bills with Cryptonize.it?

Yes you can by using the ‘Order Anything’ service. Please mind that this is not always possible.


By ordering in our webshop, you can directly pay with Bitcoin Cash! We are committed to expanding the webshop with all the products and services currently available in fiat so you never have to convert your Bitcoin Cash. Visit shop.


Cryptonize.it supports Bitcoin Cash charities that try to change peoples lives with cryptocurrency. The Bitcoin Cash community isn’t only business friendly, with projects like eatBCH and Coins4Clothes, it proves to be a currency for all.

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